Please note that I cannot supply copies of drawings -
    either because I no longer have them, or for copyright reasons.
Drawing comments:-
            I am a bit behind in indexing - I have not had time to index anything beyond 2002!
            Not every drawing has been indexed for any particular book or magazine.
            I do not have every issue of some magazines – I can only index those I have got,
            Weight diagrams (WD) are very basic – usually showing major dimensions, but little detail.
            Drawings are sometimes only side view, sometimes side & end, and rarely include a top view.
            The same drawing sometimes turns up in several places – no attempt has been made to identify these duplicates
            Particular locomotives may be listed under several railways, depending upon their history.
            Drawings vary considerably in:-
                no attempt has been made to rate drawings on these qualities
            A scale ratio printed on the drawing may not be the scale it is actually printed!
            I have attempted to give the scale it is printed at, but I may occasionally be a little inaccurate (or maybe even downright wrong)
            When using a drawing – always use the dimensions or scale printed on the drawing – not a scale ratio (e.g. 4mm to 1’) printed on it – printing tolerances are not always good enough to match the given scale ratio.
Note the scale printed on the drawing does always match quoted dimensions!
Searching for drawings in the lists:-
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